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The Newburyport Preservation Trust  (NPT) is a non-profit membership organization that brings together people from Newburyport and beyond who value the preservation of the city’s period architecture, neighborhood ambiance, heritage landscapes, and authentic historic character.

For the most immediate preservation advocacy news, visit the Newburyport Preservation Trust Facebook page.

NPT's signature annual event is Preservation Week each May, which includes presentations, programs, and tours around a central theme. Preservation Week 2023, "Focus On History" (May 19-21), included illustrated lectures, a hands-on workshop, and NPT's Preservation Awards.

The NPT Historic House
Plaque Program
. Owners of the hundreds of historic homes in Newburyport now have the opportunity to proudly identify their house with a plaque that indicates the owner/builder, their occupation (if known), and date. Central to the program, and of particular historical value, is the verification of dates, names, and facts by experienced researchers. Dedicated stewards of Newburyport's older homes can begin to learn the factual background of their home, and showcase their stewardship with a plaque validated by the Newburyport Preservation Trust. See complete information about the program at our dedicated Historic House Plaque Program page, including selected photos of homes in the Historic House Plaque Program, and  how you can apply for a plaque.

Note: The Historic House Plaque Program program reserves the right to reject any application. An application may be rejected in cases where substantial historic material has been removed from the house, thereby not meeting the goal of preservation as determined by the Newburyport Preservation Trust.   

Now you can browse an interactive map of NPT's Historic House Plaques. Go ahead! You'll love scrolling, scaling, sorting color-coded houses by century, and reading the plaque text about the original occupants. We'll add more plaque recipients to the map as research is completed.

Newburyport’s past preservationthanks to both circumstance and vision – has come to define who we are and anchors our quality of life. Today all Newburyporters have a stake in the authenticity of the city’s historic character.

The Newburyport Preservation Trust aims (1) to be a voice for preservation concerns, (2) to promote preservation education, (3) to foster awareness of the need for preservation, and (4) to encourage compatible new development.

The Newburyport Preservation Trust is among the select affiliate members of Historic New England, the largest regional preservation organization in the U.S.

The Newburyport Preservation Trust web site offers information on its programs and projects, as well as introductions to Newburyport history and architecture. Throughout the site are annotated links to useful preservation resources. Have a look around – and then join us on our Membership page!

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